Hi! My name is Christine, I'm an Artist/Illustrator based in Austria and this is my little introduction.
Ever since I was little I had a passion for art, dreaming up my own worlds and characters and creating stories with pictures and words.
Despite my love for art I wound up going to a business high school. It was not a regular business school though, because it had an IT branch. Despite my lack of interest in the business subjects, the IT branch of the school kindled my love for tech, computers, software and anything to do with it. I was also introduced to Photoshop 7 and that's where it all began. During those years I bought my first graphic tablet and I began to teach myself drawing digitally. I was inspired by all the art people created and put on the internet and decided to try it myself.
After graduating I figured administration work and bookkeeping was not for me and I couldn't see myself doing this as a job so I enrolled into university to study graphic design. During this time I continued drawing and creating art. After getting my Bachelors degree I started working as a print graphic designer and later transitioned to screen/app design. My passion for art never left me though and in 2016 I decided to start my freelance career as an artist.
contact: welcome@chaosmonster.com
Tools of the trade: Procreate, Adobe Photoshop
Tablet: iPad, Huion Kamvas Pro Tablet
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